Contact 6's Katrina Cravy meets another consumer crusader

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- When you have a problem with a company and customer service isn't helping -- there's FOX6's Contact 6. Katrina Cravy fights for your cash, and now, she's getting some help.

You may remember Vivian Kidd. She recently got in touch with FOX6's Contact 6 regarding a bad experience she had with a company called She bought three tablets for her grandchildren that simply didn't work, and when refused to provide a refund, she got in touch with Katrina Cravy.

A quick Google search shows has an F-rating with the Better Business Bureau, and plenty of angry customers on ripoff and scams reports.

Contact 6 received another complaint about after the story aired, but then, Katrina Cravy received something she wasn't expecting -- an email from a man named George Osborne in New Jersey. He saw the story because it was posted to "The Complaints and Hate Page" on Facebook -- a page he created when he had to fight to get his money back.

"I only had small items -- maybe $30 to $40 worth of stuff, but if it's $30 to $50 to me -- multiply by 1,000 people, you got $30,000 out there and people aren't getting their money back," Osborne said.

This consumer crusader started in 2012, and the page has taken off.

"Now you type in 'NoMoreRack' and our page is one of the first ones that pops up next to," Osborne said. is well aware of Osborne and his page. The executive vice president and general counsel sent him a letter tell him "many of the statements made on the complaint page appear to have no factual basis whatsoever, and are made to cast NoMoreRack in a negative or false light." He says he would like to work with customers, and wants Osborne "to encourage people to reach out directly to"

Osborne says he created the page because customer service was so bad, and he wrote back to the executive vice president.

Lately, people are complaining their credit cards were compromised after visiting The NoMoreRack Complaint and Hate page has more information.

Osborne says the page's success makes him feel both good and bad.

"The page shouldn't even be there. The page shouldn't even exist," Osborne said.

Social media is becoming the new line of defense, and you could find a consumer crusader ready to help.

"Social media is powerful," Osborne said.