Contact 6 helps viewers save $140,000 in July 2022; record month

Contact 6 helped consumers save a record-breaking amount of money in July! Viewers say FOX6’s consumer segment helped them get nearly $140,000 in refunds, waived bills, credited items or product exchanges.

Through the segment’s off-air complaint process, the Contact 6 case manager helped to resolve 26 cases in July. Resolutions ranged from $50 to more than $50,000.

Robert Lueck wrote to Contact 6 about his $64,000 medical bill for shoulder surgery. A few years ago, Lueck tore his right rotator cuff and insurance covered his surgery without issue. When Lueck tore his left rotator cuff last year, he says his insurer got the two shoulder surgeries mixed up.

"They could not get the fact straight that my left shoulder was totally independent," said Lueck.

Insurance denied Lueck’s claim. He appealed the decision and was denied again. Lueck wrote to Contact 6 about his experience and the segment’s case manager reached out to the insurer on his behalf.

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"The bill was just paid earlier this month," said Lueck, of the outcome. "You took care of it within a day."

Robert Lueck

Lueck’s resolution is among the $138,643.08 that FOX6 viewers say Contact 6 helped them save in July. The segment helped Wisconsin consumers resolve problems with contractors, warranty providers, a cross-country moving company and more.

Bruce Torbeck submitted an online complaint form with Contact 6 after he bought plane tickets for a Florida vacation a second time. His online broker canceled his original flight at the last minute.

"I was kind of mad because I had two days to find a ticket to get to Florida," said Torbeck.

Bruce Torbeck

Torbeck got a partial refund to his canceled fight but wrote to Contact 6 seeking the rest of the money he’d spent. He got most of it back: about $140.

"It’s one of those things that you see on Channel 6. And, it’s like, ‘Well, you know, I’m gonna just call and see what happens.’ It worked out really good. You guys are very helpful," said Torbeck.

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Contact 6 also regularly helps resolve issues with appliances, Internet bills, cellphone bills and furniture defects. So far in 2022, it’s saved FOX6 viewers nearly $400,000.

To find out if they can help you with a consumer-related issue, we invite you to file a complaint form.