Contact 6: Turning unwanted gift cards into cash

MILWAUKEE -- Aunt Ethel didn't know quite what to get you for Christmas, so she got you a gift card, but it's to a store you don't like. Contact 6's Katrina Cravy has tips on how you can turn that gift card into cash!

Gift cards are easy, but they're not always cheap! So when you're buying a gift card, you better be sure you know where the person likes to shop! Sometimes, that isn't so easy!

Fortunately, there are plenty of websites to help you sell, swap and buy gift cards, like,, or, to name a few.

Joanne Roberts says she's been visiting these sites with her unwanted gift cards for about a year now. "I was just kind of browsing around the internet and I found a site. I've only sold one card, and I was happy to get rid of it because otherwise, it would have just sat there. I got a pretty decent price for it, but mostly, I buy cards. I buy a lot of cards," Roberts said.

If you are selling a card, will pay a percentage - let's say, 80 percent. So you sell your $100 gift, and pocket $80. Then, someone like Joanne who loves to save money, buys the $100 card, but only pays $90, or sometimes less. "I get a better discount. That's what I want it for," Roberts said.

You can pay for cards by credit card or PayPal, and Roberts says the service is good. delivers the cards in just a few days. "I've never had any trouble with it," Roberts said.

It's always good to check the other sites too, to see if you can get better deals both buying and selling. Just remember, when you are selling a card, you won't get face value. If you don't mind that, and the cards are just sitting there, exchange them! It can be a great gift for those who are looking to save after the holidays.