Contact 6: Sewing machine company gives woman top machine

Since she was nine years old, Theresa D'Amato has had a passion for embroidery, crafting clothes, blankets, towels - you name it, she has done it! Her weapon of choice used to be a machine called the Husqvarna Viking Designer SE, made by SVP Worldwide, a well-respected maker of sewing machines that rates an "A-plus" with the Better Business Bureau, but D'Amato gave her machine an F after three years of problems that weren't resolved. That's when FOX6's Contact 6 stepped in, to hem up the snags.

"I wasn't getting satisfactory results. I had asked for the machine to be fixed, and to be in good, working condition, and it just died every time I tried it," D'Amato said.

D'Amato got in touch with Contact 6, and then received a call from SVP Worldwide's CEO's assistant, and the company offered to give her their top-of-the-line machine - the Designer Diamond Deluxe, worth more than $10,000!

"She called the next day, said she got the directive from corporate to come down and pick up the Diamond. Bring all the accessories from the previous machine, and the Diamond was mine," D'Amato said.

This blew Contact 6 away, and is a great example of a company going above and beyond customer service expectations.