Contact 6 saves consumers $32,000 in November 2022

Contact 6 is wrapping up its 50th year of helping Wisconsin consumers – and it’s a record-breaker! In November, the segment helped FOX6 viewers save $32,048.16, bringing its 2022 total to $603,967.28.

After a hail storm blew through Oconomowoc, Mark and Kristin Lange’s insurance company assessed their roof damage and sent payment. After a contractor made repairs, the company sent an invoice with a higher charge than the Lange family expected.

"Roughly $4,000 more," said Mark Lange.

Unable to get a revised invoice with the amount they’d agreed to pay, they tried another tactic: submitting a complaint form with Contact 6.

Soon after, the Lange family got a new invoice that listed their original price. The company blamed a salesman error for the $4,400 discrepancy.

"We were both just relieved and happy that it was all over," said Mark Lange.

Throughout November, Wisconsin consumers wrote to Contact 6 about all kinds of problems.

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One family wrote to the segment after discovering their new puppy has a heart disorder and will likely only live a few years. The dog’s seller told Contact 6 they were unaware of the dog’s condition at the time of sale and sent a refund. The dog is on heart medication and doing well.

The Contact 6 case manager also helped one woman get a refund from a wireless provider for the two weeks she spent without working phone, internet or cable service. She told the segment she’d called the company at least 15 times.

Contact 6 also helped one man get a check to cover the cost of repairing his car’s scratched wheels. He claimed a service center damaged the wheels while mounting new tires.

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Daniel Jensen was having trouble with his new gas water heater when he wrote to Contact 6. Within 30 days of installation, he started smelling an odor like rotten eggs. Jensen discovered his water was reacting with a magnesium rod inside the heater. He says the manufacturer refused to pay for the part. After Contact 6 stepped in, Jensen says he got a phone call.

"They said that they would take care of the part and labor," said Jensen.

Daniel Jensen

It was the third time Jensen sought assistance from Contact 6 in about six years. The segment has also helped him with a medical bill and outdoor furniture that rotted. Contact 6 is three for three on Jensen’s cases.

"I would have paid thousands of dollars and gone through a whole lot more grief. Contact 6 saved me that," said Jensen.

To find out whether Contact 6 can help you with a consumer issue, file a complaint form online.