Contact 6 receives over 20 more Instant Tax Service complaints

MILWAUKEE -- An angry customer screamed for FOX6's Contact 6 inside an Instant Tax Service office, and since Katrina Cravy went inside, over 20 other FOX6 viewers have complained. One viewer had a major tip that now has Milwaukee police involved.

Something is going on inside the Instant Tax Service office near 80th and Appleton Avenue. Edna Brown shot cell phone video inside the office back in January. She was there to get her $700 - charged for filing taxes she didn't ask them to do in the first place!

After FOX6's first story, Brown got her money back, but over 20 others wrote to Contact 6. One of those viewers gave Contact 6 a big tip about the employee who told Katrina Cravy she was Brittany Scott, and took off when Cravy came into the office.

That tip: Brittany Scott is really Brittany Rutludge. In 2008, she pleaded guilty to theft, false representation and misappropriate ID info. Her probation officer says her job at Instant Tax Service is a violation of her conditions, and there is a warrant for her arrest.

When Katrina Cravy showed up at the Instant Tax Service office looking for Rutludge, she was told Rutludge wasn't working there anymore and asked to leave. Katrina Cravy left the office with another customer who said Rutludge was hiding inside.

Luckily, a Milwaukee police officer was nearby, and when Katrina Cravy told her about Rutludge, soon the search was on with the Milwaukee Police Department - searching not only the Instant Tax Service office, and also checking up on her last three addresses. In the end, Rutludge was unable to be found.

Katrina Cravy did catch up with the CEO of Instant Tax Service, Fez Ogbazion. "There is no denying that our fees may be higher than a place that does not offer loans," Ogbazion said.

Ogbazion says holiday loans are given as incentive for people to come back later to file their taxes with Instant Tax Service. However, you don't have to, and he cannot collect. Nationwide, he estimates a loss of $3 million, a cost he considers part of his marketing budget.

Ogbazion says the Appleton Avenue office was wrong to file taxes without permission, and he will talk with the franchise manager about the complaints.

Contact 6's Katrina Cravy says: ask yourself if fast cash is worth this kind of mess.

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