Contact 6 puts the LightKeeper Pro to the test

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Your Christmas decorations were looking great, but then a light goes out and the whole string dies! For about $20, the LightKeeper Pro says it can fix the problem -- but does it work?

Randi Colores is the perfect customer for a trial of the LightKeeper Pro.

"I just bought this one a year ago so I didn't want to go buy a new one when this one is still fairly new," Colores says of her holiday lights.

Checking out the directions, in this case, Colores goes for "the quick fix approach."

Instructions advise locating and removing any bulb from the light set section that is not lit -- before putting the bulb socket into the LightKeeper Pro and pulling the trigger.

If the lights do not illuminate after 30 pulls of the trigger, you move on to the voltage detector.

You start with the bulb closest to the outlet, and then work your way around the string. If you hear beeping, the electricity is flowing. If the LightKeeper Pro isn't beeping, that means the bulb socket isn't getting any juice and that becomes the source of your problem.

In the case of Colores lights -- a bad bulb is located, and the bad bulb is replaced -- but is still not illuminated.

Colores turns to the company's instructional video before going the distance with the last option -- plugging in the whole light set and the lights still do not illuminate.

Jerry Cepa -- the vice president of the company came over to help figure out the problem.

After going through the steps, Cepa is unable to get the string of lights to shine.

He says the LightKeeper Pro wasn't able to fix the lights, but did figure out the problem -- too many blown bulbs on the same string.

Colores will have to get new lights.

"If we can't get the light set on, we can get you to the point of the problem and go from there," Cepa said.

Colores isn't convinced the LightKeeper Pro is worth the $20.

"After I had tried it a couple of times. I probably would have ripped my hair out and then took it back to the store," Colores said.

Contact 6's Katrina Cravy recommends checking out how many black bulbs you have on your string of lights first. Too many burnt out, black bulbs will likely mean you have to replace your light set.

Cravy says if you don't want to re-string the front of your house, the LightKeeper Pro may be for you -- but it wasn't for Colores.

If your lights are burnt out and you need a place to recycle them, Habitat for Humanity will take them at their ReStore facilities and some other locations until the first week of January.

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