Contact 6 helps woman get settlement for damaged shipped TV

BROWN DEER -- A woman experienced some problems with UPS when shipping her 60-inch LCD TV from Los Angeles to Brown Deer during her recent move, so she called FOX6's Contact 6!

Leah Kallas recently made a big move from Los Angeles, to Brown Deer, Wisconsin, and wanted to make sure her 60-inch LCD TV would arrive safely. "I bubble-wrapped it, I shrink-wrapped it, put blankets on it. We totally went all out with this TV, and packaging. I picked UPS (to ship it) because I have a good relationship with them, so I figured it would continue to be a good relationship," Kallas said.

Unfortunately, Kallas says the TV showed up at her Brown Deer doorstep damaged! Pictures show a cracked frame and broken screen on a TV Kallas says cost around $2,000! Kallas says she called UPS, repackaged the TV, and UPS sent someone to pick it up, but Kallas says that was the last she saw of her TV! Kallas says UPS denied her claim, saying they didn't approve of her repackaging job. Because there was no proof of insurance claim, UPS said all they could offer Kallas was $100. Kallas says she found out UPS actually shipped her broken TV back to her old Los Angeles address, and what happened after that remains a mystery.

Kallas called FOX6's Contact 6, and Contact 6 sent a letter to UPS. Shortly thereafter, Kallas got a call from another UPS representative, offering her a settlement of $1,500, and saying she wouldn't be charged for shipping.

Contact 6 asked UPS for comment, and received an email saying it's regrettable when a customer is dissatisfied with a delivery, and UPS does its best to find a positive outcome. UPS thanked Contact 6 for bringing this issue to their attention.

Contact 6 says you should remember to hold on to all paperwork when shipping items from one place to another, especially if the item is damaged. Also, it's important to take pictures of the damaged item, as Kallas did with her damaged television. You'll want proof of the damage for insurance and return policies.