Contact 6 helps with Alverno tuition miscommunication

MILWAUKEE -- A nursing student nearly lost thousands in an Alverno College tuition twist that brought Contact 6's Katrina Cravy to the rescue!

Michelle Hardy has nine children, two at home, and seven in school. She's also working toward her second nursing degree at Alverno College. Already owing about $700, Hardy learned class costs were going even higher, so she had to put her plans on hold. "I found out that I was going to have to pay $1,000 a month, in addition to my student loans, which we couldn't afford," Hardy said.

Hardy then put her education plans on hold, or at least she thought she did! "When the bill ended up coming about a month later, it was over $3,000," Hardy said.

During the course of canceling classes, Alverno claims it never received formal confirmation from Hardy, so the school charged her the full amount. Hardy says she tried to explain her situation for over a month, and kept getting dismissed. "I tried to work it out with them and it just wasn't happening, and they told me I had to pay the $3,000, and I just didn't feel it was fair," Hardy said.

Hardy sent her complaint to Contact 6, and her frustration was obvious from the lengthy email. "I see Katrina Cravy on the news all the time, helping people, and I was really frustrated!" Hardy said. Contact 6 wrote a letter to Alverno College, and soon thereafter, they changed course. "Once Contact 6 notified them, they called right away and rectified the situation. So what I had worked on for a month, it was one letter and it was taken care of," Hardy said.

Alverno's response to Contact 6 was short and sweet, saying they're pleased to resolve this miscommunication, and Hardy is happy Contact 6 helped save her $2,300!