Contact 6: Beware if purchasing prom dresses online

MILWAUKEE -- It's prom season, and prom can often be a defining moment in a teen's life - a time they'll never forget! Especially when the prom dress is a no show! FOX6's Contact 6 has received four complaints from four very angry moms, and has an alert for parents.

Each of four moms who reached out to Contact 6 said they ordered prom dresses online for their daughters and either never received the dress, or got the wrong dress, and cannot get in touch with anyone at the company! Each mom says they tried emailing the companies, but never heard back, or are getting the runaround.

When Contact 6 looked up the companies websites, each was based in either Beijing or Hong Kong, China! Emails Contact 6 sent to the companies have also gone unreturned.

The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau says...

    CLICK HERE to file a complaint with FOX6's Contact 6.