Construction projects affecting Airport Spur and I-94 near Miller Park

MILWAUKEE -- Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) Project Chief Bob Gutierrez wants drivers to be prepared for some major construction projects and closures along I-94 that will create detours and delays. The construction projects will affect  I-94 eastbound near Miller Park and the Airport Spur (WIS 119).

Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) will fully close the westbound Airport Spur (WIS 119)  for reconstructing. WisDOT will be demolishing the entire WIS 119 bridge over 13th Street, and 13th and 14th Street will be fully closed to traffic during this reconstruction.

The Airport Spur eastbound into the airport remains open.

During the Airport Spur reconstruction motorists leaving the airport will be directed to Howell Avenue first, then all traffic will be directed to their respective highway ramps.

I-94 eastbound near Miller Park will also be affected by construction projects. I-94 eastbound will be down to two lanes to finish up the resurfacing project on the busiest stretch of freeway in the state.

A stretch of I-94 eastbound between 70th Street and 32nd Street will be repaved during the overnight hours of Sunday into Monday, and alternative routes are being encouraged – including Bluemound Road to the north, Greenfield Avenue and the bypass on the south.

Mitchell Boulevard and the I-94 freeway ramps to and from Mitchell Boulevard will be fully closed during construction, except during Brewers home games.

The eastbound 69th Street entrance will also be closed.

The plan is for work to wrap up before Summerfest begins, just like it did last summer with the repaving of westbound I-94. “Just expect the same kind of work – concrete shoulder work, repaving, new signing, new pavement-making, and a new, smooth roadway for the commuters,” Gutierrez said.

CLICK HERE for details on the I-94 repaving project, travel times and detour information via the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website