Connecticut girl designs Medi Teddy to reduce anxiety for pediatric patients

FAIRFIELD, Conn. - A 12-year-old girl from Fairfield is on a mission to make life a little easier for pediatric patients.

Ella Casano started a GoFundMe to raise money so she could make the Medi Teddy. The Medi Teddy is a stuffed animal pouch to help conceal bags of IV medication or blood products from pediatric patients, helping them get better and feel comfortable.

Ella herself has to have IVs every 8 weeks.

The minimum order from the New England Toy Company is 500 units, and Ella needed to raise $5,000 dollars. She managed to raise $5,110 in three days!

People commenting on the GoFundMe praise the idea, saying children the bear would be beneficial for children who have to undergo treatment at hospitals and medical facilities.

“You have an amazing heart young lady and are going to do amazing things!! ”

“This is so thoughtful. I have a chronic illness and it’s hard as an adult I can’t imagine what it must be like for a kid. Anything that makes a kids experience with treatment easier is worth doing in my book.”