Concealed carry classes still full, despite four-hour instruction requirement dropped

Wisconsin's concealed carry law has been in effect for two weeks, and recently, a Republican-controlled legislative committee threw out the requirement to have at least four hours of weapons training prior to being issued a concealed carry permit. However, weapons training classes are still being held, and instructors say those that come through the classes want the four hour training.

Bob Windler is a detective at the Greendale Police Department, and a concealed carry training class instructor, and he says this training is important and required.

"(Our classes) are full, and the reception has been very positive. I think a lot of people attending realize this is a very serious situation, and a very serious issue, carrying a concealed weapon. I think if you were to draw an analogy to driving a vehicle - I wouldn't want to get into a car, having never driven one before, and just be able to get my license," Windler said.