Company under fire again after 2nd controversial photo surfaces: "Taxpayer money shouldn't be going to Klan members"

MILWAUKEE -- Labor groups will ask the City of Milwaukee to strip contractors away from a company, after a symbol of the Invisible Empire Ku Klux Klan was spotted at one of their job sites. It's the second controversy the company is facing in just the last week.

It is the lunch cooler catching eyes on the internet.

Controversial stickers found at Milwaukee job site

Jacob Flom

"I saw it on Facebook yesterday and I was outraged someone would have a Klan logo and think that is OK," said Jacob Flom, Young Workers Committee.

Jacob Flom is among those reacting to the picture that was taken near 25th and Wells: below a Confederate flag, a sticker reads "Invisible Ku Klux Klan" at the work site. The picture has the Milwaukee Department of Public Works launching an investigation.

Controversial stickers found on cooler of City of Milwaukee construction worker

25th and Wells construction site

Flom, who is part of a union labor group AFL-CIO, wants more than someone to be fired.

"We want American Sewer System, the company that this despicable worker is working for, we want them to immediately be ineligible for any city contracts," said Flom.

American Sewer Services is in charge of the job site at 25th and Wells, and several others throughout Milwaukee. While the company is based outside Hartford, their 11 city contracts total more than $1 million.

25th and Wells construction site

This is not the first controversy this week involving the company's job sites. Three gun-wielding American Sewer Services workers sparked a firestorm of debate after a picture showing them holding weapons near 19th and Meinecke went viral.

Contractors with guns -- 19th and Meinecke


The picture had some city alderman demanding new laws to prevent subcontractors from carrying weapons. Others backed their right to carry.

One worker was fired, two others were laid off by the company.

Some aldermen received racist messages following the heated debate.

With another controversial photo making the rounds on the internet again, union labor groups say they will hold a rally on Monday in City Hall.

"American Sewer Systems, they got to -- they're done. They should not have any contracts with the city. Taxpayer money shouldn't be going to Klan members working in our neighborhoods," said Flom.

FOX6 reached out to American Sewer Services, but were again unable to reach the company. The City of Milwaukee says if the cooler belongs to an individual working on a city contract, it would be best if they work someplace else.

Milwaukee's Department of Public Works released this statement:

"This afternoon, the City of Milwaukee became aware of this photograph posted on social media. The stickers are offensive to the Administration and DPW.  If, in fact, the cooler with the stickers belongs to an individual working on a City contract, it would be best if the individual works someplace other than the City of Milwaukee. DPW continues to investigate this matter."