Community up in arms after sex offenders get new rights

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Residents in a south side Milwaukee neighborhood are up in arms over two sex offenders receiving new freedoms in the area -- and now some say they're making a movement to arm themselves.

Neighbors are encouraging one another to take advantage of conceal carry, and the stir has caught the interest of gun advocate group Wisconsin Carry. The group is reaching out to residents who are unhappy with their neighbors.

Residents in the quiet block of Van Beck Ave. are on edge after learning Shawn Schulpius and Edwin West -- registered sex offenders -- will be allowed to perform certain types of activities without direct supervision.

"Everybody, for the most part, is outraged," said Amy Braun-Gross. "I'm alarmed. I'm worried for the kids that live there, for the parents that live there."

Those living nearby have several concerns and have been very vocal about them in the past. Now they've created a social media page to keep residents aware of developments.

"I think it's important that everyone be alert and informed and that they know what their rights are, that whichever way they go about it is the right way for them," said Braun-Gross.

Nik Clark with Wisconsin Carry will be passing out informational flyers in the neighborhood on Saturday.

"Let the residents know we have free classes and a specific free class in Milwaukee coming up," said Clark. "We think that there is reason for people to carry for self defense far beyond sex offenders. In any neighborhood you could potentially be a victim of crime and it's just a good idea to be prepared for self defense ."

Wisconsin Carry says they have received overwhelming responses in the past after reaching out to specific communities.