Community prepares Thanksgiving feast for Camp Fire victims, first responders

LINCOLN, Calif. - Neighbors in Lincoln, California, are preparing a massive feast for the victims and first responders of the destructive and deadly Camp Fire.

It began as a Facebook post, looking for people with a similar goal, according to KTXL.

"So many of us felt like, ‘What can we do?’” organizer Kris Wyatt said. “We just felt so helpless."

Jeannette Bermudez reached out to Wyatt and before they realized there were dozens within their community who also wanted to help.

"It was just blossoming and then even just last night, I mean there was like 400 people that were sharing the Facebook post,” Bermudez said.

That was just in one night. Since then, it has become much bigger.

"We have over 100, we're probably close to 150 turkeys that people are cooking. We aren't having to cook anything," Wyatt said. "Everybody is bringing all the food prepared."

Many families in Lincoln won't be sharing Thanksgiving dinner together. Instead, volunteers will gather at the McBean Pavillion with dinners they cooked at their own homes to feed about 300 people who lost everything in the fire.

“So exciting and so wonderful that it's kind of hard not to tear up anymore because it's truly the community coming together and helping,” Wright said.

For all the furry family members related to the fire victims, My Dog’s Spot owner Tina Gschwender will pamper those pets while their owners enjoy home-cooked meals.