Committee approves bill that limits junk food purchases with food stamps

MADISON (WITI) -- A state committee on Tuesday, April 30th approved a bill that limits the amount of junk food that can be purchased using food stamps as part of the state's FoodShare program.

The bill, if approved, would require FoodShare participants to spend two-thirds of their monthly benefits on more nutritious items -- like proteins and fresh produce.

The bill would allow the remaining portion of the benefits to be used at the individual's discretion.

While this is an attempt to promote healthy eating, State Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa (D - Milwaukee) says she feels the bill would hurt the Dairy State -- as FoodShare recipients would not be able to buy cheese with that two-thirds worth of benefits that must be spent on healthy options.

The bill passed the committee by a 7-2 vote and now heads to the full Assembly.