Collision on the water: Two injured in incident involving two boats in Twin Lakes

TWIN LAKES (WITI) -- Rescue crews on Sunday evening, August 31st were called out to Lake Elizabeth in Twin Lakes after two boats apparently collided.

Boaters enjoyed their Labor Day weekend on the water of Lake Elizabeth in Twin Lakes on Sunday, August 31st. Around 5:00 p.m., some of those on shore noticed a commotion.

"What we found was a bunch of police cars, lots of boats backed up," Leann Seikel said.

Twin Lakes police say two boats collided -- causing one of them to sink.

"All people on both boats have been accounted for. There`s no one that hasn`t been accounted for, so the safety of everyone, that`s been taken care of," Don Jensen with the Twin Lakes Water Patrol said.

Police say two people were hurt -- one person from each boat. Police say both of those injured individuals are expected to be okay. Those injured include a 15-year-old boy who hurt his wrist, and an adult female.

Three people were on board the boat that sank. Two were on the other boat.

"We were riding on the jet ski and all of a sudden we saw this debris in the water and a couple boats around it and we pulled up and asked if everyone was okay, and they said 'no - get the cops,'" Lori Baxa said.

"What had happened is the boat that was involved in the accident with the boat that submerged - the two that collided - that one boat brought the people here to their home," Jensen said.

While police have determined who was involved, they're still trying to learn what exactly happened. Even with large Labor Day weekend crowds, investigators are having a hard time finding people who saw what happened.

"The lake was packed today. It was more crowded than we've seen it all summer long," Lori Baxa said.

"A lot of times, these incidents happen so quickly, it`s over in a matter of a blink of an eye -- that other people may not have seen it," Jensen said.

Police say they have interviewed the drivers from each boat and they do not believe alcohol was a factor in this incident.

Police are looking for any outside witnesses to the incident. Anyone who may have seen what happened is asked to contact Twin Lakes police.