Coaches and players tackle concussions head on

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- More than 40 football coaches and hundreds of young football players took part in a clinic at Nicolet High School to learn tackling techniques meant to avoid head injuries and concussions.

Former NFL defensive line coach Thurman Moore is working to make the game he loves safer for today's athletes.

"We're trying to allow the coaches to be great teachers, allow the athletes to get in great positions to make big plays," said Moore.

By going through basic steps, students are learning a shooting motion where they finish with an upper cut.

"Totally opposite from what I was taught," said Lawrence Thomas. He was just one of many parents watching their sons learn the new way to form tackle.

"Allowing your hips to be the power, not your head, so you're going to strike with your chest and your hips are going to carry through and that's going to allow you to have more power during the tackle," said Moore.

Tackling the way Moore teaches allows a player's helmet to be used for protection only, and not as a weapon.

"I think this is going to make a difference," said Thomas.

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