Co. Board approves resolution opposing overhead power lines

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors Thursday approved a resolution opposing high-voltage overhead power lines, in a 17-1 vote. Milwaukee County now joins the Milwaukee Common Council in opposing these high-voltage power lines, and supports burying the power lines along 95th Street.

Earlier this week, a Wauwatosa Common Council committee also passed a resolution opposing overhead power lines along parkways and in parks.

The potential for overhead power lines has recently become a controversial issue, and students from Milwaukee's Montessori School and residents near where the lines would be built have voiced their concerns - citing health, safety and property value concerns. American Transmission Company, the company hired by We Energies to develop these proposed power line routes tells FOX6 the route near Milwaukee's Montessori School is being proposed as an underground route, as shown in ATC's map you can see by CLICKING HERE. An ATC spokeswoman who contacted FOX6 says the company has proposed burying the lines along the route near the school because of the concerns brought up by students and neighbors in the area.

CLICK HERE for an article showing Milwaukee Montessori School students rallying to "bury the lines."

Monica Van Aken, the head of school for Milwaukee's Montessori School issued the following statement Thursday: "We applaud the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors for taking a strong stand with this resolution to oppose overhead high-voltage power lines proposed in Milwaukee County. Despite ongoing testimony of hundreds of Milwaukee County residents voicing serious health and safety concerns regarding overhead power lines and their negative impact on property values, ATC continues to propose stringing 138,000-volt lines overhead along 95th Street, through County parks and along parkways. This is unacceptable, and does not represent the overwhelming input of County residents who oppose these overhead high-voltage lines.