"Click It or Ticket" campaign ends Sunday

GERMANTOWN (WITI) -- Law enforcement officers are working overtime during the largest push of "Click It or Ticket" in Wisconsin's history.

The campaign began just before Memorial Day weekend and Sunday, June 2nd is the final day officers will be specifically looking for drivers and passengers who aren't wearing their seat belts.

"It's very easy to see if they have it on," says State Patrolwoman Joan German.

FOX6 rode along with Officer German as she issued tickets to those not wearing a safety belt.

"It's the only thing that you can do to keep yourself safe even if you're the best driver on the face of the earth. There's a lot of drivers out there that aren't very good," says German.

She also stresses the fact that just because you have air bags doesn't mean you shouldn't wear your seat belt.

"The seat belt works with the airbag. A lot of times people will tell me they don't wear the seat belt because they have an airbag. The airbag can kill you without the seat belt because you're going to be pushed right into that airbag, so you need the seat belt to hold you back," explains German.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation says last year there were almost 105,000 seat belt violations in the state. That number is second only to speeding.

There are 405 agencies across Wisconsin participating in the Click It or Ticket campaign.