Civil case between Jackson residents and West Shore Pipeline begins

TOWN OF JACKSON (WITI) -- Tuesday, June 4th marked the beginning of a civil case between residents of the Town of Jackson and West Shore Pipeline Company. This, after a gasoline pipeline burst last summer released about 55,000 gallons of refined gasoline -- leading to well contamination.

The lawsuit claims West Shore Pipeline should have known their line was susceptible to failure -- and that exposure to chemicals in the gasoline (including carcinogen benzene) could increase residents' risk of illness.

In court on Tuesday, a judge ruled against a motion from the defense to throw out the case.

"We are obviously very pleased with it. We thought it was premature. We just started discovery and information exchanging and we don't think the motion should have been brought in the first place," Attorney for the plaintiffs Robert Habush said.

Neighbors say their property values have suffered from the leak.

At the end of May, a well supplying water in Jackson was taken offline after small amounts of benzene were found in the well.