City of Racine's computer systems infected by ransomware

RACINE -- The City of Racine's computer systems were infected by ransomware starting Friday morning, Jan. 31, and remained a problem until Sunday afternoon.

911 and other public safety systems were not at risk.

Officials said the ransomware did affect the city email system and online payment system, so for the remainder of the week, those tasks would have to be done in-person, city leaders said Monday, Feb. 3.

"We need you to go back to an older, more analog time," said Racine Mayor Cory Mason. "Come on in to City Hall, say hello. More than 700 city employees are dedicated to offering high-quality public services."

Ransomware, a type of malicious software, blocks access to files and software until a ransom is paid.

City leaders said Monday no one contacted the city demanding a ransom and noted even if there was a ransom, they wouldn't pay it.