Cities strategize about where to put all the excess snow

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- All of this season's snow has forced some creativity in communities throughout southeast Wisconsin. Each is trying to figure out -- where to go with all the snow.

In Shorewood, a tree line along Wilson Dr. has been allocated as an auxiliary snow dump site.

In Milwaukee, Sanitation Supervisor Wanda Booker explains the city has had some trouble with property owners shoveling snow back onto previously plowed city streets.

"It makes it more difficult for motorists because they think the street it plowed. We've checked the street off as being plowed, and then you go and refill that street with snow. So please don't do that," said Booker.

Meanwhile, Booker explains construction is keeping the city from allowing commercial snow clearing contractors from using a dump site underneath the Hoan Bridge.

Instead, those who have paid are placing their precipitation in a lot near 27th and Hopkins.