Cincinnati Zoo shares photos of adorable 3-week old anteater

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- Have you ever seen a baby anteater before? If not, you're in luck!

According to our sister station FOX8, the Cincinnati Zoo welcomed a baby tamandua over the Christmas holiday. A tamandua is a genus of anteaters.

The baby was born on December 20. Even though it's been almost four weeks since the tamandua was born, the gender is still unknown at this time -- and the zoo still hasn't decided on a name.

According to the Cincinnati Zoo's Instagram page, the newborn and their mother, Isla, are doing great and "bonding" -- as seen in the heartwarming video below.

Isla's pregnancy journey was documented throughout the months leading up to her birth. In November, the zoo posted a YouTube video of Isla getting an ultrasound.

Congratulations to Isla and the Cincinnati Zoo!