Check out this viral proposal video; just in time for Valentine's Day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. —  A Missouri man recently went ring shopping at  Helzbergs Diamond in Kansas City and was presented with an unusual proposal when he went to pay for the ring.

The store said they would give him the ring for free, but he had to propose within the next 48 hours and allow the company to record the entire process.

He agreed but immediately had to start planning.

Kyle Loethen’s girlfriend, Madison Burke, lives in Columbia, Mo., and he lives in Kansas City, so he had to figure out how to get her to Kansas City quickly.

Kyle told Madison that he got her an acting job in a car commercial and that she should meet him at the Kauffman Center.

When she walked into the performance hall she was greeted with candles and quickly realized she would not be starring in a car commercial.