Chad Chritton sentenced to five years in prison

MADISON (WITI) -- A sentencing hearing was held on Wednesday, January 29th for a Dane County father accused of torturing his daughter and keeping her in a basement.

Chritton's daughter was reportedly starved down to just 68 pounds.

Chad Chritton will spend the next five years behind bars, followed by five years of extended supervision.

He was convicted of child abuse and other charges in November. It was Chritton's second trial in the case, after a jury could not reach a verdict on several charges in the first trial last March.

Chritton was facing a maximum of 28 years in prison.

Before sentencing, the District Attorney read aloud a letter from Chritton's daughter asking the judge to give her dad the maximum penalty.

"My dad lied to me several times. He choked me to death, then rammed me into a wall, along with my head getting into the wall, thrown around rooms. I've been pushed on the floors, threatened in many ways by my dad and my stepmom. They have denied everything that's happened to me in that house," the girl wrote.

Chritton told the judge he takes full responsibility for his actions, but still maintains he didn't do many of the things his daughter accuses him of doing.

"I never starved my children. I never hit my children. I never choked my children. I never made my children clean naked or eat their own feces. That's disgusting. I nonetheless accept the jury's verdict," Chritton said.

The girl's stepbrother is set to stand trial in February for allegations he sexually abused her.