Celebrating the end of a successful "Earn and Learn" season

MILWAUKEE -- Students who spent the summer making money and earning an education were honored Friday -- as they were encouraged to keep up the good work. It was part of the season-ending celebration of the "Earn and Learn" program.

This summer, "Earn and Learn" employed more than 1,200 young adults, ages 14 to 21, at various community organizations. On Friday, they came to pick up their last checks and pick up some strategies for success in the future.

"We have 40 agencies who are here with their information, so that the kids can find follow-up activities that they wanna be involved in, and that ranges all the way from information about school and scholarships, to jobs," said Donald Sykes of the Milwaukee Workforce Investment Board.

Some 3,000 students applied to be a part of the "Earn and Learn" program.