Cedarburg elementary school clears up Mother's Day misunderstanding

CEDARBURG -- An email sent to fourth grade parents at Parkview Elementary School seemed to be a Mother's Day misunderstanding after some thought the school was canceling  celebrations.

Parkview Elementary Principal Jayne Holck

"They were worried if it was replacing Mother's Day. We certainly had no intention to replace or to not honor mothers," said Parkview Elementary Principal Jayne Holck.

The email read in part, "We thought it would be more applicable to make our celebration more inclusive... During the week of May 28, students will create gifts to show their appreciation to those who impact their lives in a positive way."

The purpose was to be sensitive to students impacted by the loss of a parental figure.

Parkview Elementary

"Our fourth grade teachers were showing sympathy and empathy to all students in the classroom," said Principal Holck.

Mother's Day was a big deal Thursday, May 9, as the school celebrated "Muffins with Moms" and made cards.

"They're really good at keeping family important and I'm grateful for that," said Tricia Veenendaal, mother.

"I love how much family stuff we do here," said Shannon Supanich, mother.

Parkview Elementary

In addition to the celebrations this week, the school will have a whole week later in May for kids to celebrate anyone who impacts their life positively.

"Maybe they don't have a parent or a typical family in their life right now that they can address that gift to -- whoever it is that's in that role," Holck said.

Moving forward, officials with the Cedarburg School District said they plan to reevaluate messages surrounding celebrations to make sure the meaning is clear.

This was the third year the school has sent out an email. The Parkview principal said a few parents were worried until it was clarified; others were thankful an email was sent out.