Cedarburg daycare shut down, investigation ongoing

CEDARBURG (WITI) -- A Cedarburg daycare was shut down by the state of Wisconsin on Friday, April 19th after an investigation by Cedarburg police.

Cedarburg police officials investigated a report of sexual contact taking place between an adolescent and a young child who attended the Family Tree Learning Center on Washington Avenue in Cedarburg.

During an investigation, Cedarburg police received another report of sexual contact between the same adolescent and another child who attended the daycare center.

A meeting was held for parents on Saturday, April 20th -- where parents were given an overview of the first two reports that are currently under investigation. During this meeting, more potential victims were identified.

The investigation into this case is ongoing.

On the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families website, the daycare has been cited for numerous violations, including one in March of 2013 where several hazards were noted during a visit by the department. Of those, a power drill was lying out in an area where children would walk through. Also, the preschool nap room was so dark, it was difficult to see children on the floor or staff at the table.

In November of 2011, a staff person was observed with her legs crossed over a three-year-old child who was lying on the floor -- in order to restrain his movement.

Many of the other violations included not filing the proper paperwork that is required by law.

Kimberely Berens is the licensed provider for the center, and hung up on FOX6 News when she was contacted by phone. No one answered the door at a residence in Grafton where she is listed to reside.

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families says Family Tree voluntarily turned in its license on Monday.