Caught on dashcam: Brown County deputy rescues man from burning car

BROWN COUNTY -- A Brown County Sheriff's Deputy rescued a man from a burning car in the Village of Bellevue early on Wednesday, May 27th. It was all captured by the deputy's dashcam.

Deputy Zach Roush responded to the scene just before 2 a.m. A vehicle was on fire in a ditch -- and the driver remained inside the burning vehicle. Deputy Roush was first on the scene, opened the door and noticed the driver was sitting motionless inside the vehicle. Roush attempted to warn the driver -- but the driver was extremely dazed, would not cooperate with the deputy and refused to exit the vehicle.

Deputy Roush eventually grabbed the man by the belt and pulled the man from the vehicle, saving his life. The fire and smoke was dangerous enough that he almost abandoned his rescue attempt for his own safety.


High winds caused the flames and smoke to move in dangerous and unpredictable ways making the mere approach to the vehicle extremely dangerous.

The driver who was rescued is suspected of his third OWI offense. He was taken to Aurora Hospital for treatment and eventually booked in the jail.