Caught on camera: Two women...taking more than pictures on the beach this Fourth of July weekend

FLORIDA (WITI) -- Caught on camera: A video of two women being scolded for attempting to steal on a beach went viral over the Fourth of July weekend.

The owner of some property left on a beach in Florida approaches two women seen in the video -- asking whether the stuff is theirs, and whether they need help dismantling it.

The women claim the property is theirs -- until the cameraman reveals that it belongs to him and his children.

Caught red-handed, the women act confused and surprised at first and then one of the women gets defensive -- and proceeds to physically attack the cameraman.

Heard on camera is the camerman saying: "Are you serious?" as he's being attacked.

A Reddit user claims to be a friend of the cameraman. He says after the video ends -- the women got even more aggressive.

He claims the woman in red grabbed the man's camera and his private parts, before threatening to call her boyfriend.

WARNING: This video contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.