Caught on camera: Selfie stick helps save teen girl trapped in riptide

NANTUCKET, MA -- Swimmers off the island of Nantucket found a new use for the selfie stick.

A father re-purposed the trendy accessory into lifesaving equipment when he and his daughter were caught in a riptide.

Video was rolling while 16-year-old Erynn Johns and her dad Derrick were being pulled out to sea.

Erynn was taking video of herself but got caught in a riptide. She held on to the selfie stick, and with the GoPro camera still rolling, caught her dad making the rescue.

Her father says he grabbed the selfie stick to help her from going further out.

Erynn's mom was able to pull her to shore with the camera still rolling. But her dad was still trapped in the riptide and losing strength.

Luckily, a beach goer and lifeguards jumped into action to rescue him.

In the end, everyone was fine.

Watch the full video here: