Caught on camera: Boy thrown from slide during water park's grand opening

DUBLIN, California -- There were scary moments on opening day at a new water park in Dublin, California. A 10-year-old boy was thrown from a water slide Saturday, May 27th. The slide is now closed amid an investigation into what went wrong.

The incident was caught on camera. A boy fell from the Emerald Plunge Water Slide during The Wave Waterpark's grand opening in Dublin. Fortunately, the boy didn't fall from the top, but at the base of the slide.

"The wave took them over the edge of the catch basin. They rode that edge for a little bit and then they got scraped up on the cement," James Rodems said, parks and rec director said.

Rodems said the 10-year-old didn't need an ambulance. He was treated by first aid officials and walked away with scratches, but the ordeal put a damper on the first day for the $43 million aquatic park.

"You want everything to go perfect, but it's an aquatics park. Pools are the highest risk functions that we use as a municipality," Rodems said.

Some park visitors said they'll give the slide a go once it reopens because they think the boy may have uncrossed his legs -- not following the rules.

"I heard that some kid wasn't listening to the rules, so he didn't close his legs, but a lot of people really wanted to go back on the slide," a visitor said.

Everyone who rides the Emerald Plunge has to be at least 48 inches tall, but there is no weight requirement.

Rodems said that's something they'll be looking into as the ride is examined by its manufacturer.