"Cash mob" organized to support Riverwest businesses

MILWAUKEE -- The Occupy Riverwest movement says its channeling the "power of the 99 percent" by steering its supporters to local businesses, instead of the big box stores.

It's not a flash mob, it's called a "cash mob." Organizers held one at three local stores on Saturday night. They asked supporters to show up between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. and spend their money.

Slips of paper were handed out at the doors, so the stores could track the impact of the event.

Organizers say the event was a 'thank you' to the businesses for investing in the community.

"They`ve taken buildings in our community, they've hired workers and they've provided excellent excellent businesses for our community," says Joe Brusky with Occupy Riverwest. "And so we want to reward that and bring our money and spend it local."

This was the second cash mob Occupy Riverwest has organized, and they say there will be more to come.