Case against Kris Zocco: Graphic testimony heard in trial on Tuesday

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It was a graphic day of testimony in the case against Kris Zocco on Tuesday, November 11th.

Zocco watched and listened to what a detective says he found searching Zocco's East Side apartment more than a year ago. The court saw pictures of the apartment that was searched for clues about where Kelly Dwyer could be. She was seen with Zocco before she went missing.

Police found a hard drive and discs inside Zocco's apartment. On them, disturbing images -- adult pornography of various forms -- and some child pornography. The detective described each video showing children as young as one year old being sexually assaulted.

When it came time for the prosecutor to play excepts, the jury was asked to leave while the discussion continued as Zocco's lawyer objected.

"Playing the videos again is repetitive and frankly just incites emotion out of the jurors," said Michael Levine, Zocco's attorney.

"I think it's important the jury sees the video so they can determine if there are pre-pubescent girls involved and it is child pornography," said Sara Lewis, prosecutor.

At that point, the judge asked Kris Zocco if he admits it is child porn. He did -- and the videos did not have to be played.

Zocco's trial could wrap up as early as Wednesday.