Car's driver killed in crash with Amtrak train

TOWN OF IXONIA -- The driver of a car was killed in a crash involving an Amtrak train after the train struck the vehicle at the Highway 16 Hustisford St. train crossing, about 42 miles west of Milwaukee, in the Town of Ixonia around 4:30 p.m. Thursday. The Amtrak train remained stopped on the tracks for four hours Thursday, as officials conducted their investigation.

Amtrak officials say none of the train's crew or 226 passengers on board were injured.

The vehicle involved was a Chevy HHR, that wrapped around the front of the train as a result of the collision.

A friend of the driver who was killed tells FOX6 the victim was driving to visit him when something went horribly wrong. Debris littered the scene Thursday night where the initial impact was likely made, about a half mile wast of where the train stopped and investigators began to tend to the scene.

The Empire Builder or Number 7 train was traveling west between Chicago and Seattle Thursday.

We continue to wait for law enforcement to make an official statement on this collision, but for now, the investigation continues.

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