Carroll University lockdown lifted, police take suspect into custody

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- The Carroll University campus was put on lockdown for about two hours on Tuesday, April 16th after a report of an armed male on campus was called into the school.

The Waukesha Police Department and the Carroll Campus Safety Department responded immediately after the report. The school used its PioAlert system -- which is designed to provide instant messages to students, staff and faculty at Carroll. The system informed the campus that a man with a gun was spotted near the Kilgour-Trailblazer Tennis Complex on the northwest corner of campus and urged everyone to stay inside. Similar messages were sent by e-mail and posted on the university website.

Waukesha Police Department Captain Ron Oremus says a 50-year-old man from Waukesha was later taken into custody and an Airsoft-style gun was recovered. An Airsoft gun is a non-lethal weapon, however, according to Capt. Oremus, it can look identical to a real firearm.

"The weapon that was recovered at this subject's residence was, in fact, a non-lethal weapon. I believe an Airsoft gun. Not a shotgun, not a rifle, not a firearm at all in fact -- other than by appearance," Capt. Oremus said.

Police are looking into why the suspect was carrying an Airsoft-style gun through campus.

"At this point we have to look into what he did and whether is was illegal. If it's a firearm, we can tell you within 1,000 feet of a school you're not allowed to carry that by state law. As far as him carrying an Airsoft gun, I'm not sure we have anything illegal. We will be looking into that," Capt. Oremus said.

Police say the man they arrested was cooperative.

Waukesha police indicate they had assistance from several agencies during this temporary lockdown. They include: Carroll University Security, Menomonee Falls K9, Waukesha Co. Sheriff's Department, FBI agents and Waukesha Fire Department.

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