Car goes airborne from freeway, crashes next to building

GLENDALE --The Saturday late lunch service at Solly's Grille in Glendale was typical until about 3:36 in the afternoon on Saturday, November 17th.

"I happened to look out the window, other customers as well and we saw the car, just airborne straight up in the air off the freeway and all of a sudden it flew off. Then it landed down there," Darcey Henderson said to FOX6 News.

Henderson was working at Solly's when she saw a red Honda leave I-43 Northbound just before the Hampton Avenue exit and come to a stop behind the building just north of Solly's.

"I ran to call 911 and they're asking me a bunch of questions. I said look, I really can't explain it much more. Just somebody come help, you know, come out here and help them. They came out and I went over there and there were 4 young people," Henderson said.

The 4 young people, 3 men and a women were able to walk away from the accident with only cuts and scrapes.

"I talked to a sheriff and he said,  'They're all fine. They're walking away,'" Lee Newby said. "He said they were all seat belt safe, which indicates they had their seat belts on."

FOX6 News talked with the four people in the car who said they were okay and that they aren't from Southeast Wisconsin. They told Fox 6 they were from Minnesota, but declined to talk about the crash or anything more.

"It's a huge blessing for them. I was so glad of the turnout of that.  I mean it's unfortunate that this happened," Henderson said. "They got angels by them."

Sheriff's deputies cited the driver for failure to control his vehicle. Also the car was towed from the scene.