Cancer patient slams wig store for bad service, rude comment

BROOKFIELD (WITI) -- A 30-year-old woman going through radiation treatment says she was given bad customer service at a Brookfield wig store Thursday, February 6th. She took her complaint to the internet -- where her message went viral.

Alison Ziebell, a mother of two, will lose her hair during radiation for the brain tumor she has. Zibell was shopping for wigs with her sister-in-law when, she says, workers in the store made her feel terrible.

"We're not just out shopping for fun wigs. This is a sensitive situation," said Ziebell's sister-in-law, Amy Seckinger.

The women say they felt the consultant at Sharon's Wig Salon was already irritated when they walked in the door. When Ziebell and Seckinger told the saleswoman why they came to the salon, they say she was anything but sensitive to the situation.

"I picked up the catalog and simply said 'do you mind if I look through this catalog?' and she grabbed it out of my hand and said 'no, you cannot look at the catalog,'" recalled Seckinger.

The women told the consultant they'd like to see a variety of wig styles. The saleswoman allegedly still refused to let the two browse her catalogs.

"She said 'no, because girls like you come in here and when you look through our books you waste our time and then you order online,'" Seckinger said.

Ziebell and Seckinger requested to speak with the owner of the store. They say she was also not helpful -- and the two ended up walking out of the shop.

"Then another voice came through and simply said 'and I hope all of your hair falls out,'" said Seckinger. "I can't believe someone is so shallow and could say that to a cancer patient."

Ziebell blogged about her experience at the wig shop, which now has more than 80,000 views, words of encouragement and a share on Twitter from former Packers tight end Tom Crabtree.

FOX6 reached out to Sharon's Wig Salon for comment, but calls and emails were not returned. A next door business owner came to the shop's defense and said the story seems unlike the character of the salon's owner or saleswoman.

The family says they are moving on from the experience, but the comments were incredibly hurtful during such a difficult time.