Can you give up something you love for three days? The "Soberhead Challenge" is spreading

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- You've heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Maybe you even participated in it. Now, there's a new viral video sensation hitting the web -- and this one is meant to support those who have been affected by addiction. The "Soberhead Challenge" asks folks to give up something they're addicted to for 72 hours -- and post their acceptance of the challenge on social media. The challenge is helping all sorts of folks kick a bad habit.

The Soberhead Challenge is spreading.

"The biggest part of this and what we wanted as the group is, we wanted to reach people who are still struggling with addiction," Patrick Reilly said.

Reilly is a recovery coach and a recovering addict.

Sal's Recovery House in Waukesha has teamed up with other local and national addiction centers to bring awareness to addiction, through the Soberhead Challenge.

"We also wanted the general public or 'normal' people to get a sense of what it`s like to go through the struggles of addiction," Reilly said.

The Soberhead Challenge involves giving up something you love for 72 hours. For some, it's chocolate or sugar. For others, it's alcohol or hard drugs.

"In the entire state, there's been more deaths by heroin overdose than traffic accidents in the last year," Reilly said.

Reilly says he's hopeful the Soberhead Challenge will help addicts and those recovering from addiction.

"I see it building a sense of community, and a sense of support," Reilly said.

Patrick Reilly took the challenge and nominated his brother, Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly -- who also accepted the challenge -- giving up beer for three days.

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September is "Recovery Month." In its 25th year, Recovery Month promotes the societal benefits of prevention, treatment, and recovery for mental and substance use disorders.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Recovery Month, and to access resources for those struggling with addiction.

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