Campbellsport community stunned by another deadly accident

CAMPBELLSPORT -- The Campbellsport community was still recovering from the February deaths of three Campbellsport High School students when a Friday morning accident killed another student.

17-year-old Giovanni Clouse (best known as Gio) was riding with two friends when their car left the road and slammed into a tree on the south side of Fond du Lac. Clouse died at the scene. A wooden cross at the scene reads "Another Campbellsport angel has flown home."

Just north of the high school is the Campbellsport Alliance Church. Pastor Doug Birr went to the school Friday so see if there was anything he could do.

"It was limited conversations I had. I more observed kids as they were talking with each other. Some were pretty emotional and crying, and others were hanging out and didn't have a whole lot to say," Birr said.

Three Campbellsport High School students were killed in February when the van they were riding in sped out of control and into a field. The driver was sentenced to one year in jail on the Huber program and six years of probation.

"Of course, our students reflected back on the loss of three girls last spring and so there's been a wide range of emotions," Dan Olson, Superintendent of Campbellsport Schools said.

Birr says Katie Berg was a member of Alliance Church. She is one of those who was killed in the February crash. Birr said he is using the incident in February to help the community deal with the sudden loss of another young life.

"Not that we can ever feel someone else's pain, but just to know we're another resource, a shoulder to cry on, to talk to," Birr said.

The driver in Friday's accident was 18-year-old Gilberto Casteneda-Bobadilla, a recent graduate of the high school. He's listed in critical condition at Theda Clark Medical Center in Neenah. The other passenger, 17-year-old senior Alex Schultz, is listed in serious condition at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin State Patrol is helping with the crash investigation.