Cache Cider: Learn about the art of making hard cider

There are many uses for apples, but one local musician has turned his passion for the fruit into a line of single varietal hard ciders for everyone’s palate. 

Brian is in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood at Cache Cider learning about the art of making hard cider.

About Cahce Cider (website)

My name is Ethan Keller. I’m a musician by trade, but have also made cider for over 10 years. In 2020 my twenty-plus year music career took a hit, and I was privileged to be offered a real opportunity to start my own cidery.

I often see cider manufacturers totally overlooking thousands of single apple varieties. This can leave people who enjoy variety themselves feeling overlooked. I want to yearly archive apple flavors, and educate people about apple history and cidermaking, but mostly, I think everyone should be able to discover a cider that is as unique as they are.

Each apple variety has unique flavor profiles and characteristics, and I want to give the apple the opportunity to tell its own story, with minimal intervention.

 Feel fee to browse the varieties and discover something new. Locate a retailer, shop our website, or visit our tasting room. And please remember to drink uniquely and responsibly.



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