BUSTED: 24 people, including two teenagers arrested in internet sex sting in Northeast Wisconsin

NORTHEAST WISCONSIN (WITI) -- 24 people were arrested in an internet sex sting in Northeast Wisconsin. This was the fifth operation of its kind in two years in Northeast Wisconsin -- but authorities say this latest sting resulted in the most arrests.

Of the 24 arrested, 11 were taken into custody in Brown County. All 11 were charged Monday, October 13th. 13 others were arrested by other law enforcement agencies, and many of those suspects have also been charged.

The arrests were made last week, between Thursday, October 9th through Saturday, October 11th. Those arrested range in age from 17 to 67.

Investigators say it's difficult to pinpoint the exact profile of an online predator.

"In the many years doing this, I don't have a profile on who might be doing this or who to look out for," Lt. Jim Valley with the Brown County Sheriff's Office said.

In the sting, investigators posed as 15-year-old males and females on websites like Craigslist.

Two teenagers were arrested during this latest sting operation: 17-year-old Trevor Kuta of Marathon and 18-year-old Cameron Batty of Bellevue.

In court Monday, Batty's attorney said he is a senior at Green Bay's Preble High School.

"He's a good student. He's captain of the Preble football team. He has no prior disturbances or other illegal involvement," Batty's attorney Chris Hinkfuss said.

According to court documents, Batty was going to meet a 15-year old girl named "Mindy" Saturday evening. "Mindy" was actually an undercover officer. When Batty arrived to meet her, he was arrested by authorities.

Batty later told detectives his intent was to have sex after they met.

The teen faces charges of child enticement and use of a computer to facilitate a child sex crime.

He was released from jail on a $2,500 cash bond.

"He can't use any device that can access the internet. That includes any cell phones, tablets," Brown County Court Commissioner Paul Burke said.

Investigators say more arrests could come in the days ahead. They say 19 different law enforcement agencies were part of this investigation.

"It's imperative that we keep moving on this and working out in the rural areas because they have more opportunity to possibly meet out in those areas," Shawano County Sheriff Randy Wright said.

Police say they hope these sting operations generate more publicity and conversation about online sex crimes, involving kids.