Business Journal Report (1-23-12)

Stein Gardens and Gifts is closing its store on Brown Deer Road, the Southridge Mall bus controversy seems to be closed, and the Skylight Opera Theater is changing its name.

Stein Gardens and Gifts on 88th and Brown Deer Road employed 31 people. The company says many of them will be offered jobs at nearby stores. Stein's CEO Mark Birmingham says the store closing allows the company to put more financial resources into new initiatives, such as its seasonal "Just Plants" locations.

The Southridge Mall bus issue appears to be closed, as far as Milwaukee County is concerned. A couple of weeks ago, the Greendale mall's owner said it wanted to prohibit buses from the property. Now, Frank Busalacchi, director of the Milwaukee County Department of Transportation says the latest information he had from the mall was it was going to continue its current bus service. Busalacchi says he doesn't anticipate anything changing.

The Skylight Opera is changing its name to the Skylight Music Theater effective February 1st. The new name will better reflect the Skylight's broad range of performances, which includes opera as well as broadway musicals and musical reviews.