Brother of Azana Salon & Spa shooting victim says he wants to help others

BROOKFIELD -- The family of Zina Daniel, the woman gunned down by her husband inside the Azana Salon & Spa on October 21st says they hope to turn their devastation into determination -- working to help other domestic violence victims. Zina Daniel's brother, Elvin sat down with FOX6 News to talk about his family's mission to try to bring hope to others.

Weeks before she was killed, Zina planned to file for divorce from her husband, Radcliffe Haughton. Out of respect for her wishes, the family is now referring to Zina as Zina Daniel, vs. Zina Haughton.

Zina's brother Elvin told FOX6 News a vigil and memorial are planned in Zina's honor for Saturday, November 17th.

Elvin says Zina never mentioned anything to him about being abused, despite years of incidents involving her husband. Elvin says he and his family want other domestic violence victims to speak out before it's too late.

Fighting back tears Tuesday, Elvin said he is focusing on helping others.

Shortly before she was shot and killed inside the Azana Salon & Spa, Zina had filed for a restraining order against her husband. 

"We all believe the laws in place have failed Zina," Elvin Daniel said.

Elvin said he and his family plan to reach out to lawmakers, hoping for a change in the system.

"I would like to see 'Zina's Law' that would include electronic monitoring devices. I believe we have bracelets they can put on abusers, and maybe the victim can carry a honing device if they come within 25 yards so they can call 911, and police monitoring as well, so they can prevent something like that from happening," Elvin said.

Elvin said he plans to work with the Sojourner Family Peace Center for a vigil and memorial in Zina's honor planned for Saturday. Sojourner Executive Director Carmen Pitre says her organization wants to be a resource for victims of domestic violence.

"It's really meant to honor Zina's life and give education and resources to people who might be struggling. Reach for help, and know that it's not your fault. We want to provide an open door for people who are trapped in violent (relationships) -- both the person who is being abused, the children and also abusers themselves. Provide them with education and support and help them understand how to solve their problems without using violence," Pitre said.

By helping those too afraid to come forward, Elvin says he feels he can hopefully help save lives.

"Our goal is that some good is going to come out of this tragic, senseless killing," Elvin Daniel said.

Saturday's memorial, "For the Love of Zina" is open to the public. It starts at 1:30 p.m. and is being held at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Milwaukee. Donations will be collected to benefit Zina Daniel's children.

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