Brookfield physician sentenced to prison for illegally distributing prescription narcotics

BROOKFIELD (WITI) -- 82-year-old Jerry Yee, a former Brookfield physician, was sentenced in federal court to one year and a day in prison for illegally distributing prescription narcotics.

Yee who was a doctor of osteopathic medicine, previously pleaded guilty to two counts of illegally attempting to distribute controlled substances by issuing prescriptions for narcotics outside of his professional practice and without a legitimate medical purpose.

As a physician, Yee was authorized to issue prescriptions for narcotics but only for legitimate medical purposes. Yee, however, issued prescriptions in the names of individuals who were not his patients and who he had never examined, let alone treated. In some instances, Yee issued prescriptions in the names of fictitious individuals and provided the prescriptions to third parties.

Based on this conduct, Yee was charged with 15 specific instances of illegally issuing prescriptions for controlled substances and pleaded guilty to two representative counts.

In December 2013, after the allegations against Yee came to light, Yee surrendered his license to practice medicine.