British startup designs new 'Standard Toilet' aimed at reducing the length of bathroom breaks

STAFFORDSHIRE, England -- A British startup is looking to save companies money, and save you time, by redesigning the standard toilet.

The startup, which has created "the NEW Standard Toilet," believes toilet bowls, in existence since the 16th century with no changes since their invention, are too comfortable. Officials said the current toilets provide a horizontal seating surface that enables a user to sit relatively comfortably for long periods without short-term discomfort. This has allowed toilets, including those in public spaces, to become private texting and social media usage spaces.

The design has led to lines to use the restroom in public spaces like shopping malls, sporting arenas, train stations, etc. -- and long bathroom breaks for employees.

The startup noted it's estimated that in the UK alone, these extended employee bathroom breaks cost an average of more than $5 billion.

Additionally, the startup pointed out medical studies have suggested the traditional toilet can cause swollen hemorrhoids and weakening of pelvic muscles.

The startup's toilet sits at an angle to the floor -- with the optimum angle 11 to 13 degrees. As a result, users won't be able to sit comfortably for an extended period of time. The startup believes this will increase business efficiency and profits through reductions in social media usage -- and also reduce those medical concerns.

Finally, the startup believes the new design will ease congestion by getting people off the pot more quickly.

The startup has created a wall-mounted design and a floor-mounted design.

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