"Brighten their life with some Olive Garden:" Man uses "Never Ending Pasta Pass" to pay it forward

UTAH (WITI) -- A Utah man is one of 1,000 people who purchased a "Never Ending Pasta Pass" from Olive Garden. He says he did it to fulfill his love of pasta, but he soon saw another benefit.

"Every day I'd go get pasta, and I'd just show up to someone's house and brighten their life with some Olive Garden," Matt Tribe told FOX6's sister station FOX13 in Utah.

Olive Garden offers 1,000 "Never Ending Pasta Pass" cards per year as part of their Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion. The card gives the bearer an unlimited supply of meals for seven weeks.

Tribe says he came up with “Random Acts of Pasta” as a way to pay it forward.

“I realize it might be stupid to think, ‘I just gave them pasta. How does that make their day better?’ But somebody did something nice for them," Tribe told FOX13.

Tribe set a goal of 100 meals. When the seven weeks were up, 125 people had recieved pasta from Tribe.

Tribe has documented his journey online and through a YouTube video that shows him delivering meals to the homeless.

"It was super fulfilling because the entire time I was doing this the only thing I was thinking about was who could I take Olive Garden to? Who could I do Random Acts of Pasta to? Who could I do something nice for? You forget about all your worries. You forget about all your troubles. Everything's better," Tribe said.

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