Brewers play-by-play announcer on COVID-19: 'We should become more empathetic as a society'

MILWAUKEE -- While there are still so many concerns regarding COVID-19, some have found some positives. Milwaukee Brewers play-by-play announcer Brian Anderson was able to find a silver lining while awaiting the return of baseball.

FOX6's Brandon Cruz: "What are some of the silver linings that you have seen or felt through this time where maybe you have been surprised?"

"There are always silver linings in times like this," said Anderson. "You know, I've just really loved and appreciated that what we're now calling essential workers, they've always been essential workers -- our teachers, our hospital workers, our front line workers in the health care industry. How about the restaurants, and their ability to try and turn their page, and stay open, and do curbside, and all the things that kind of connect us, and the people we rely on every day, and sometimes, probably too much. We don't recognize and we don't offer the credit. We're so quick to praise athletes in our line of work, Brandon. You know, we put these guys on a pedestal, and maybe we should change that pedestal a little bit and give the credit where it's due because our essential workers, which is now a label we've put on them, are truly essential, and they've always been that way, and I think we're starting to recognize how essential they are. I mean, when my mail carrier shows up, I'm so happy to see her -- like, thank you for doing the hard work here, and keeping the mail going, and those little things. If anything else, we should become more empathetic as a society, and a little more understanding, and offer our thanks and appreciation to those who are doing that hard work."

While the NBA, NHL and other leagues have plans in place to return, MLB is still in the negotiating phase between the owners and players union.